This Hanzi To Pinyin online conversion tool is designed for desktop and mobile. Here are a few features:


Mandopop Lyrics Mode

Create Mandarin pop song lyrics with Mandopop Mode.

Convert Larger Text Snippets

Convert a large amount of text from news articles and literature for more Chinese character pinyin practice.

Save to Google Drive

More Features

Hanzi Display Option

You can display the Chinese characters (Hanzi) on the top or bottom of each Hanyu Pinyin unit (i.e., toned phoneme). You can also remove the Hanzi to only show the Hanyu Pinyin.

You can choose the tone display mode that is most familiar to you. There are three options: Tone Marks, Tone Numbers or Tones Off.

Hanzi Form Option

In addition to annotation of Chinese characters, you can convert to Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.

Mandarin Chinese speakers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, and Canada use Traditional Characters, while speakers in mainland China, Mongolia, Malaysia and Indonesia use Simplified Chinese.

Fast Loading Pages

Flexible Chinese character display options are nice. Fast pages are even better. This web app is designed for speed.